I started The Mick Hymans Film Archive in 2001. It all came about after I bought a camcorder and converted some old cine film of my family when they were younger onto video for a present for my parents. I also had some other footage that had not seen the light of day for many years. This started me thinking that if I had all this film tucked away then other people must have long forgotten footage as well. Adverts were placed in local papers, auctions and boot fairs visited and the collection has grown to its present size of over 1,000 reels, and is still expanding.

Many people have collections, large and small, many long forgotten gathering dust in attics and backs of cupboards. Inevitably the owner passes away and descendants or house clearance companies consign the films to the bin. Part of our heritage is thereby lost forever

We are keen to protect this footage and purchase films in 8mm,9.5mm or 16mm.gauges.


We now have one of the largest privately owned collections of 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm amateur footage in the country. We specialise in travelogues from around the world as well as footage of events and events.

I now have a databased driven website to make searching for footage easier. You can access this by visiting www.archivefilms.org  or search through my archive by clicking on a link below.

For further information, or to contact us about any films you may have to sell please



I have divided my collection into files for continents, as well as a separate one for the UK and one for subjects e.g. trains, Boys Brigade

To view our comprehensive list of films please click on a link below  

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                                  ASIA            AMERICA                AUSTRALIA

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